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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Everyone likes shopping. If there is dvd player in their own car. Then it is awesome. Entertainment is the best part in everyone's life. So, for that purpose everyone wants to do shopping and roaming in searching of what they want actually. As it is usual, if a person in need of something, he/she will crawl into the site. The site which i am going to tell will have lot of information on every product. This could be done by just watching that site.

                         The loud speakers, steroes and something else, if you want to buy those in your own budget, then buying from that site is the correct way. There are many dvd players offered from that site. Some of them like portable dvd players, ceiling mount dvd players and some of the cool gadgets some thing like In-Dash Receivers, Headrest Style Monitors and so many things. If you have any doubts, just contact them . They will reply you soon.

Friday, March 14, 2008


As of now, i heard the newly released movie which is 10,000BC was a worst movie. My friends and the content on other blogs about this movie was quite bad. They don't want to rate this movie too high. Just an average movie because of little thrilling at later stages of a movie. There is no coherence with this movie and actual story which was written in books. It was highly animated movie and very less about the real shooted scenes. When compared to other movies like Jurassic park and tomorrow never dies, this was not that much good. Whatever it may be, i will go to one good theater and see this movie. After watching that, again i will be back and talk about this movie.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My interview

Guys, my interview went well but i think results were sucks. Out of 13 , in a aptitude round they selected 4 for personal interview. In that 4 i am one among of them. For all of us interview went in a same wavelength, i mean same type of questions. From those questions, i don't know what they concluded from that. They tested my attitude and technical stuff. Almost i did well, may be for 1 or 2 questions i might committed mistakes. They are very jovial and cracking jokes along with me. It seems that interview was not so serious. They even ask about my blogging and my earnings. But i did not give relevant information about that. Just playing around that question, and at the end when i about to leave , my HR gave comments on my blogging. After finishing interview for 4 of us, they did not reveal the results. Instead, they told that it will reach to respective colleges. Let's hope for the best and pray to god for me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Anna univ

I wanna talk about anna university paper evaluation. Their evaluation is sucking. They will never look into the content as what the student has written. Even i am experienced their evaluation. It is a kind of irritating one. They make me to fail in two subjects because of that i lost distinction. Right now my aggregate is 76%... But what is the use of keeping that much percentage. I will never get distinction even after crossing that percentage at the end of my 4 years of engineering. Anywayz like me there are so many students who were depressed about anna university correction.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am big fan about playing cricket. Because i know only that game to play well (lol). Though India national game is hockey, but everyone look only cricket in a positive look. It makes that india national game is cricket and not as hockey. It seems to be shame for indians because the sponsors for hockey also is very less. So, everyone should think about it, try to change that system and let us encourage our national game. Let's do it as soon as possible.

weird blogging

hey, you know around millions of people were crazy about blogging. For some people, it became primary making money for them. All wives of different countries started this blogging for time pass. But right now it became primary source for them to earn lot of cash. For part time job holders, they will feel this is great opportunity for them to earn minimum amount of money. Daily, atleast you can earn about 5$, but you need to be before the system for long time. Only that, you can grab some task. And one more thing is, if your site has good page rank and alexa rank, you can earn millions within 6 months of time. It looks great know...yes, it may look great but once if you started that, you will feel it is true. So, all the best wishes to upcoming blog holders.

Mam class i am going to tell about the class, especially robotics class, where my mam has taken it. Oh.. my god i did not understood that class even a single concept. i got bored of that class completely, initially i am having lot of interest regarding robotics and robots. Even i did some case studies regarding that. I, myself did some self study and even took seminars on that topic. My friends know me very well that i had lot of interest on robotics. With my self study, i feel that robotics is a very good topic to specialize. But, then my mom took that class in an uninteresting way. I am hating that concept right now. Anyways, i will create again my interest on that and come back with good temptation.